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JCA International is a globally integrated network comprising of accountancy, audit, taxation, legal, management and real estate consultancies from across the world. JCA is an international affiliation of independent accounting firms. Founded upon the philosophy of bringing together best-in-class professionals from various disciplines of accounts, audit, law and consultancy, JCA International is a network of professional firms who are open to this belief and that operate on the principles of equal opportunity and mutual benefit.

Though JCA International does not itself provide services to clients, it helps streamline the activities of its member firms and aspires to build a network that shall be self-sufficient as it is facilitated by:

  • Global Presence

    Member firms refer the overseas work of their clients, who are either expanding into other countries or taking up new ventures, to affiliates in the network who can offer those services locally.

  • Local Competency

    Member firms are structured according to the local laws and regulations of the country or countries from wherein they operate. When the overseas work of a client is referred to affiliates who operate locally in those countries they help provide local lingual, cultural, customary and procedural expertise.

  • Mutual Benefit

    Member firms offering accounting services would refer their clients' law requirements to the apt affiliates, while other experts would refer their clients' audit requirements to concerned affiliates, likewise all member firms mutually benefit from the client pool.

  • Best Practice Sharing

    Members share their experience, knowledge and expertise through periodic training sessions and seminars to enhance competencies and provide uniform, superior services throughout the network.

    With a network that has a presence in countries such as Azerbaijan, Brazil, Cyprus, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Mauritius, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE, USA and many more., JCA International brings together a truly international network of handpicked established business leaders supported by a proactive staff. JCA International caters to the diverse needs of any organization in the world, locally, via its affiliates who share in its vision of delivering par excellence through innovation, honour, adaptability and customer-centric conduct.


To create a globally operative network of trust that comprises of consulting firms from across the globe who share in the vision of setting new standards in the business world by delivering par excellence.


To provide the most interactive, robust and reliable network that spans across continents eliminating boundaries to deliver par excellence, seamless services to the global business owner.


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